Postwar Lionel Train Sets

Lionel Boxed Train Sets: 1957

1569 1571 1573 1575 1577S 1578S 1579S 1581
1583WS 1585W 1586 1587S 1589WS 2275W 2276W 2277WS
2279W 2281W 2283WS 2285W 2287W 2289WS 2291W 2292WS
2293W 2295WS 2296W 2297WS

Lionel 5 Car Electric Freight Set with Horn and Magne-traction 2287W

Photo to Come

Lionel Train Set 2287W O Gauge Contents
1 - 2351 New Milwaukee Electric Locomotive in Black, Yellow, Mahogany 1 - 342 Culvert Loader and Car
1 - 6464-500 Timken Box Car 1 - 3650 Operating Searchlight Extension Car
1 - 6315 "Gulf" Chemical Car 1 - 6427 Illuminated Caboose
8 - OC Curved Track 9 - OS Straight Track
1 - UCS Remote Control Track Set

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