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Details of Postwar Lionel Train Cataloged Sets from 1946, Set  and Contents with detailed descriptions and hundreds of photos. Have a set to sell? Just send me an email. I am located in Boise Idaho and I am happy to travel to buy larger collections if more practical.

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Lionel Boxed Train Sets from 1950

1113 1457B 1461S 1463W 1464W 1467W 1469W 1471WS
1473WS 1475WS 2148WS 2150WS 2159W 2161W 2163WS 2165WS
2167WS 2169WS 2171W 2173WS 2175W 2185W

Lionel Train Set 2161W

Photo to Come

Lionel Train Set 2161W O Gauge Twin Diesel Freight Set with Two Motors and Built-in Horn Contents
1 - 2343 Santa Fe Twin Diesel with Magne-traction 1 - 3469 Operating Ore Dump Car with Bin and Coal
1 - 3464 Remote Control Operating Box Car 1 - 3461 Remote Control Operating Log Car
1 - 6520 Remote Control Operating Searchlight Car 1 - 6457 Illuminated Southern Pacific Caboose
8 - OC Curved Track 7 - OS Straight Track
1 - UCS Remote Control Track Set








This is a Listing of Lionel Train Sets Gathered from the Original Consumer Catalogs with some updates from information gathered from public sites likes eBay.  


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