Postwar Lionel Train Sets

Lionel Boxed Train Sets: 1946

1400 1400W 1401 1401W 1402 1402W 1403 1403W
1405 1405W 1407B 1409 1409W 1411W 1413W 1415WS
1417WS 1419WS 1421WS 2100 2100W 2101 2101W 2103W
2105WS 2110WS 2111WS 2113WS 2114WS 2115WS 4109WS

Lionel Train Set 2100W

Photo to Come

Lionel Passenger Train Set with Whistle O Gauge Contents
1 - 224 Locomotive 1 - 2466WX Tender with Whistle
2 - 2442 Illuminated Passenger Cars 1 - 2443 Illumination Observation Car
8 - OC Curved Track 3 - OS Straight Track
1 - RCS Remote Control Track Section 1 - 167 Whistle Controller

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